1. As always. Outstanding.
    For me, the “how you got ” to the final picture is fantastic more of that please.
    Keep up the inspirations coming.

  2. You 2-3 are so creative, I hope that doing this is starting to pay off for you all. Please keep up the great and entertaining work. As for what I’d like to see, how about changing it up some and doing some TV Scenes. Old and new like Sonny and Cher, or Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Modern Family, Cheers, Fraser, welcome back Kotter, I love Lucy, lost in space, Hawaii Five O, etc .

  3. So cool to see you and hear you guys work out your next recreation. I think what your doing is amazing and although Orson isn’t old enough to appreciate it yet! Boy! he’s gonna when he’s older. Keep up the great work! Still hoping you will do Dr Who. 🙂

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