As part of our feature on the UK talkshow The Graham Norton Show, we were asked to recreate the famous set. Left to right: Orson as Mr Norton himself, the legendary Gary Oldman, the wonderful Toni Collette, and last but not least, the loveable ol’ Nick Frost.



  1. Pure genius, haven’t laughed so much for ages, we love the site. Oscar nomination in the post for your family (Orson in particular).

  2. I just saw it on the graham norton show in the netherlands. It is really genius you got everthing right. I sorry for the mistakes in my comment in still learing english at school 🙂

  3. I just got done watching this episode, and not only did I think this was so precious (as well as the others he shared with us on the show) it’s amazing how much similarity Graham has to your baby. Same silly swagger when he sits and big smile 😀

  4. Please recreate a scene from “TinTin” – with Orson as Tintin, Papa as Captain Haddock and Mama as Bianca Castafiore. :-)) That would be awesome. Thanks.

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