17 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. This is genius! Please, please, please keep posting new ones. And if I could be an honorary member of your family that would be great… It looks like setting all these up could be a lot of fun! From one movie lover to another these are awesome!

  2. My 9 year old son recently seen the movie The Wizard of Oz. He loves it, when he saw this web site he said you should do a Wizard of Oz scene. You are very creative thanks for showing us how much fun a simple card board can be!!

  3. Matrix, doctor who, Harry potter, spy vs. spy, the hobbit, and tons of TV shows. Supernatural and more I’m sure. But who has time to watch tv?

  4. Dirty Dancing
    Point Break
    16 Candles
    Pretty in Pink
    Top Gun
    The Lost Boys
    Princess Bride

  5. Dear CBO-family,
    I want to congratulate you on your great series! I have four kids and a lot of respect for what you accomplish from concept to final picture, with so much attention to detail! Please keep it up. (perhaps get a cardboard sponsor or befriend a local moving company)

    Cardboard Box Office will be an inspiration to us for our next family shoot and I look forward to you next photos.

    Movie idea: Blade Runner


  6. Awesome site, such a creative, zany, fun family! Please adopt me haha. The Blues Brothers – Jake, Elwood and “the penguin”, a cult classic. Meet the Fockers – Gaylord, Pamela and Little Jack hilarious.

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  8. The most fun I’ve had on the web so far!!! You guys are utterly fantastic and creative! Orson has a great future………although he may be a trifle confused by the real world! Thanks for this. I’d also love to see a Chaplin movie recreation!!

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